Vendor Policy

the following vendor policy is implemented and effective starting January of 2022:

  • Securing of services
    • Vendors’ services are secured for the first Wednesday of each month on an annual basis with the exception of July and August, and unless otherwise specified. 
    • Notifications of change in meeting time, place/ platform will be announced with no less than 30 days notice.
    • Vendors should, to the best of their ability, notify DHHCAN as soon as possible in the event they are unable to render services at any meeting.
    • Vendors should try their best to find a qualified replacement and must confer with the Board to ensure the qualified replacement is acceptable prior to the meeting.
    • In the event a vendor cannot find a qualified replacement, proactive notification to the Chair is essential in order to arrange accommodations for the meeting.
    • Should the services of a vendor not be required for a meeting, notice of cancellation for services will be delivered no less than 2 business days prior to the scheduled meeting. 
      • Cancellation of services notice delivered less than 2 business days will be paid at a rate of 100% of typical invoice.
    • Vendors who provide services 1-on-1 should work with the individual they provide services to in order to coordinate the provision of services. A member of the Board will, on a monthly basis, confer and confirm with said individuals and vendors in advance of the meeting.
  • Invoices:
    • Invoices are to be delivered to
    • Vendors are to deliver invoices no later than 30 days after services are rendered
    • invoices received after 180 days may be refused
    • Once invoices are received, vendors will be notified of receipt within 3-5 business days.
      • Upon notification of receipt of invoice, vendors will be notified of payment within 5 business days thereafter. 
        • Payments are remitted by check and are delivered directly from the bank. Delivery may be affected by US Post issues.