November 2, 2016 Meeting Minutes



DHHCAN Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gallaudet Alumni House

(Thanks to GUAA for their generous support of the DHHCAN meeting space.)


No formal meeting was called.


Roll Call


Voting Members quorum failed

        Claude Stout, TDI

        Bernie Palmer, ALDA

        Art Roehrig, AADB

        Mary Lynn Lally, GUAA


Organizational Partners

        Al Sonnenstrahl, ADARA

        Christopher Soukup, CSD

        David Bahar, CSD



   Sam Sonnenstrahl, GUAA

   Tony Coelho, Clinton Campaign Representative

   I. King Jordan, Clinton Campaign Representative

   Eric Kaika, TDI



        Jayne Tubergen Magneson

        Jan Nishimura

        Pat Richey


Special Guest Speaker


Representative Tony Coelho, Dr. I. King Jordan, and Michael DiVirgilio attended the November 2, 2016 DHHCAN meeting on behalf of Secretary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Invitation was extended to Donald Trump’s campaign- but no response was received. Rep. Coelho provided a robust autobiographical narrative detailing his personal disability of epilepsy, and what spurred him to enter public office. As Rep. Coelho discussed the 2016 Presidential Race, he remained respectful of the lack of attendance on part of Donald Trump’s campaign, but provided insight to the direction Secretary Clinton wishes to take should she win the election. As the absence of a list of potential nominees to cabinet positions by Trump was discussed, Rep. Coelho delved into Secretary Clinton’s potential nominees. Acknowledging the significance of the institution where we were meeting– the pillar of educating individuals who are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing– Rep. Coelho explained the high level of importance placed on Sec. Clinton’s platform for individuals with disabilities. Thereafter, he began explaining the background of Dr. I. King Jordan; former president of Gallaudet University. Within the same description, Rep. Coelho stated that his recommendation to Sec. Clinton’s campaign for Secretary of Education was, “Sitting in this room. Right next to me. Dr. I. King Jordan.” Dr. King Jordan responded with immense humbleness, not previously knowing that he was in consideration for nomination to the esteemed position. Also in attendance this day were Gallaudet University students of Dr. Martha Sheridan’s Social Change course who were permitted to ask questions of the guests.


Next Meeting Date

        Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at Gallaudet Alumni House.


The Chair adjourned the meeting at 2:00 pm.


Submitted by

Tayler Mayer, TDI