Mission, Vision, and Bylaws


The organization shall serve as the national coalition of organizations representing the interests of deaf and hard of hearing people on public policy and other issues related to improving the rights of deaf and hard of hearing persons and their quality of life, including affirmation of their right to consumer leadership, self-representation, and equal access to education, employment, community life, communication and technology.


The coalition shall provide a forum and proactive coordination of relevant information for the purpose of addressing and influencing legislation crucial to the lives and welfare of deaf and hard of hearing people. The coalition shall further the movement towards universal, barrier-free access for deaf and hard of hearing persons with emphasis on quality, certification and standards.


Membership in this coalition is limited to the following requirements:

  • Consumer-based national organization
  • Non-profit status
  • Governance by and for deaf and/or hard of hearing people
  • Consumer-oriented focus
  • Membership base of at least 50 individuals