January 4, 2017 Meeting Minutes





DHHCAN Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gallaudet Alumni House

(Thanks to GUAA for their generous support of the DHHCAN meeting space.)


Meeting called to order at 12:18 PM.


Roll Call


Voting Members quorum achieved

  • Claude Stout, TDI
    • Eric Kaika, TDI
  • Zainab Alkebsi, NAD
  • Tom Dowling, DSA
  • Bernie Palmer, ALDA
  • Art Roehrig, AADB


Organizational Partners

  • Neal Tucker, RID
  • Ron Sutcliffe, CSD
  • David Bahar, CSD



Bridgetta Bourne-Firl, ASDC



  • Jayne Tubergen Magneson
  • Jan Nishimura
  • Pat Richey



Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes for the November 2, 2016 meeting stands as amended (revised to include Neal Tucker’s attendance for RID).
  • The minutes for the December 7, 2016 meeting stands as read.


Officers’ Reports:


Chair’s Report (Claude)

  • Claude says he must admit, over the holiday break, he has not made progress on the to-do list, such as following up with Trump’s Transition Team. He still has not heard back from them. David sent him one contact (Megan Perez from Rep. McMorris-Rodger’s office) that he will follow up with. He doubts we will hear back until after the inauguration and likely not until after the first 100 days when they have bigger fish to fry. We are in for interesting times after January 20th.
  • Barbara Raimondo made a request for interpreting support for Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill on March 1. It will be about 2 hours during the morning opening rally before the legislative meetings. The Office of Congressional Accessibility Services (OCAS) will pay for interpreters for the legislative meetings but Barbara still needs financial support for interpreters for the morning welcome portion. The estimate is about $300. One of the members can make a motion during the New Business section of this meeting.
  • At last month’s meeting, we were supposed to elect a new Treasurer but no regular voting member volunteered so let Claude know if you are interested so that we can have an election.
  • The TDI Board is now being more careful with Claude’s time. He will retire April 2020. He plans to continue as Chair for now but at the next election, one of the DHHCAN officers needs to move up to become Chair. He will still attend meetings and serve as advisor but it is time for fresh new blood. It has been 18 years!

Vice Chair’s Report (Bernie)

  • Gallaudet University will be closed on Inauguration Day. The crisis intervention team plans to be on campus, making preparations just in case.
  • Please be careful if you plan to be in town due to security.
  • We need to be vigilant and make sure the Trump team hears us so that people with disabilities are not overlooked. Bernie expressed concerns with the rhetoric and lack of response. We need to be at the forefront to get through to them regarding our needs.
    • Claude responded that he does not think that the lack of response means we are off their list; it probably just means we’re not high on their priority list. It’s just going to be slow. Claude added that Bernie has fewer responsibilities as Vice Chair than Tom and Zainab, the other officers. He suggested that Bernie check in every three months with the subcommittee chairs regarding their progress and make sure we check things off our to-do checklist. Bernie agreed. The seven subcommittees should meet to determine the structure.

Secretary’s Report (Zainab)

  • Zainab shared the total attendance of each voting regular member organization in 2016. Out of 10 meetings that took place in 2016, AGBell attended zero meetings, AADB attended 9 meetings, ALDA attended 7 meetings, DSA attended 9 meetings, GUAA attended 8 meetings, HLAA attended 5 meetings, NAD attended 8 meetings, and TDI attended 10 meetings. As for organizational partners, ADARA attended 7 meetings, CSD attended 8 meetings, CEASD attended 7 meetings, and RID attended 9 meetings.

Treasurer’s Report (Tom)

  • Our current balance in our BB&T checking account is $23,765.04 as of January 4, 2017. Today’s bank statement has been copied from the website and handed to the DHHCAN Secretary.
  • For the fiscal year ending 6/30/2016, we had 8 regular members and 4 organizational partners.
  • On 12/06/2016, the Treasurer sent 14 membership dues letters via email.
  • We received 7 payments (AADB, ALDA, DSA, GUAA, NAD, CSD, and RID).
  • Membership dues for the 5 remaining members/partners (AGB, HLAA, TDI, ADARA, and CEASD) are pending. Tom will send the reminder letters after this meeting.
  • One question remains: will we request to suspend the electronic photocopies of BB&T checks written by the Treasurer in any monthly bank statement? We were charged $4.00 per month. Without copies, it would save us $48.00 per year. We can always request the copy of the check anytime but it will be a nominal charge for each one.
    • Claude suggested that whoever replaces Tom as Treasurer research banks and their various fees to see if we should switch banks to save on fees.



Committee Reports

  • Civil Rights Protection and Enforcement (Zainab Alkebsi):
    • Due to the holidays, there has been no progress on specific items listed in Civil Rights Protection and Enforcement section but there is one update on previous items from the Technology topic, on which Zainab used to give reports. On December 15, 2016, the FCC voted 5-0 in a landmark decision to phase out TTYs (which are now obsolete) in order to transition to a new, Internet-based, real-time text (RTT) standard compatible with future smartphones.
  • Education (Barbara Raimondo was not present but Tom gave a report):
    • Everyone present is aware of the Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids (LEAD-K) movement for deaf children aged 0-5. In Virginia, a group of parents, educators, and so forth (led by Jenny Witteborg) are working on getting a LEAD-K bill through the state legislature.
  • Employment (David Bahar):
    • David explained that he has not had a chance to make progress due to the current state of transition on goals outlined in the Employment section, such as increasing employment of people with disabilities in the federal sector and solving the accommodations funding issue.
    • GSA collected data on targeted disabilities. In 2015, the federal government hired 344 people with targeted disabilities, which is nothing, and amounts to less than one per day. For comparison, the federal government hired 26,000 people with non-targeted disabilities. Only two people with disabilities were hired at a GS-14 level or higher.
      • Zainab added that related to funding and data for targeted disabilities, the Department of Labor issued a Final Rule on December 1st rejecting the idea of mandating a centralized reasonable accommodation fund (CRAF). Similarly, the EEOC stated in its January 3 Final Rule that the CRAF is an excellent solution but they chose not to mandate it at this time due to the agencies’ need for flexibility. But the EEOC did implement in its Final Rule a 2% goal for targeted disabilities.


There were no reports for Health Care, Housing, Telecommunications, and Transportation due to absent people.

Old Business

  • None


New Business

  • Once again, no regular voting member present at the meeting volunteered to become Treasurer. Tom will remain as holdover to next month.
  • Tom moved to approve a $300 donation for 2 interpreters for 2 hours in regard to Barbara’s request mentioned earlier in the minutes. He then made a friendly amendment for $500 in order to include 2 CDIs for one DeafBlind attendee. Neal made another friendly amendment to correct the math = $600.
    • Art seconded the motion.
    • 5 voted in favor. Motion passed.
  • Regarding the lunch issue, Tom suggested moving the meeting time back to 1-3 pm as it used to be so that people can have lunch on their own beforehand.
  • Neal volunteered to coordinate lunch for next month as a test for future meetings. He will contact places and email us with updates. He will not spend more than $250 as authorized by the Treasurer.  Neal made a motion outlining the above.
    • Zainab seconded the motion.
    • 5 voted in favor. Motion passed.


  • None


Next Meeting Date

  • Wednesday, February 1, at Gallaudet Alumni House.


The Chair adjourned the meeting at 2:04 pm.


Submitted by

Zainab Alkebsi, Secretary