January 3, 2018 Meeting Minutes





DHHCAN Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Gallaudet Alumni House

(Thanks to GUAA for their generous support of the DHHCAN meeting space.)



Roll Call


Voting Members quorum met

   Tayler Mayer, TDI

   Zainab Alkebsi, NAD

   Art Roehrig, AADB

   Marcia Zisman, GUAA

   Al Sonnenstrahl, DSA

    Evon Black, NBDA


Organizational Partners

   Neal Tucker, RID

   David Bahar, CSD

   Ronald Sutcliffe, CSD

   Barbara Raimondo, CEASD

   Caroline Pezzarossi, ADARA


Approval of Minutes

  The minutes for the December 2017 meeting stands as read.




Chairs Report (Zainab Alkebsi)

   The website committee has been formed with Tayler, Sonny and David. Tayler will chair.

   Wendy as party planner for 25th anniversary

   I invited Marcia to be chair of Planning Committee given her planning experience but she is overwhelmed with planning another big event for GUAA but she suggested Wendy (discussed further in New Business section)

   Meet with the Hill (Yoder, Huhn and Perez)

   Claude emailed them before the break to transition all future correspondence to me and I emailed them an updated request re the Feb meeting but no response yet. Nudge sent this week. At this point, March is looking more likely.


Vice Chairs Report (Bernie Palmer)

  No formal report. Absent due to illness.


Secretarys Report (Tayler Mayer)

   Art Roehrig requests if the minutes could be summarized. He finds them too lengthy.

   Zainab responds that she receives the opposite feedback. Members unable to attend the meeting appreciate the information but we can try to balance the two perspectives.

   Carrie added she found the details helpful and likes it that way.


   Minutes from prior meeting approved.


Treasurers Report (Sonny)

   Attachment of bank statement.



Committee Reports:


   Civil Rights Protection and Enforcement (Zainab Alkebsi):

   H.R. 620 See previous minutes for explanation of the issue. The NAD sent updated letters of opposition to legislative aides with new arguments.


   Education (Barbara Raimondo):

   Education and Advocacy Summit February 27-28. Barbara will send out an e-mail with event information


   Employment (David Bahar):

   Following Gardner and Bennett regarding Senate Employment Bill

   Asked for any updates on the disability accommodations rules in DOJ being rescinded. None were given.


   Housing (Sonny Sonnenstrahl):

   No report.


   Telecommunications (Tayler Mayer):

   Filings Made with the Commission & others during the month of December 2017

   (December 1)  https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/1201117027532/2017.12.01%20Consumer%20Groups%20ESA%20Waiver%20Comment%20final.pdf


   (December 15)  



   (December 20)



   (December 27)



   Transportation (Zainab Alkebsi):

   Cabin Announcement Task Force still in limbo given difficulties in making demo (for possible captioning technology for spontaneous, unique announcements although prerecorded standard announcements are already resolved). Zainab had a meeting/call with personnel at DOT to explain the issues and ask them to pressure task force to move forward follow up joint meeting soon after holidays


New Business

Web Committee

   Sonny proposes that Tayler, Sonny and David phone conference


Old Business

25th Anniversary Planning





Evon Black announced Angela Macskills husband was denied an ASL interpreter after VRI froze for fifteen minutes.


Next Meeting Date

         Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at Gallaudet Alumni House.


The Chair adjourned the meeting at 1:57 PM.




Woefully Submitted by

Tayler Mayer, TDI



Attachment(s): Bank Statement for 12/29/2017