February 7, 2018 Meeting Minutes



DHHCAN Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Gallaudet Alumni House

(Thanks to GUAA for their generous support of the DHHCAN meeting space.)


Meeting commenced at 12:16 PM


Roll Call


Voting Membersquorum met

   Tayler Mayer, TDI

   Zainab Alkebsi, NAD

   Art Roehrig, AADB

   Marcia Zisman, GUAA

   Al Sonnenstrahl, DSA

   Lise Hamlin, HLAA

   Bernie Palmer, ALDA


Organizational Partners

   Neal Tucker, RID

   Caroline Pezzarossi, ADARA



   Eric Kaika, TDI

   Samuel Jones, Citizen

   Claude Stout, TDI


Approval of Minutes

  The minutes for the January 2017 meeting stands as read.




Chairs Report (Zainab Alkebsi)

Meeting with three congressional staffers easier for them if we meet there on the Hill. March 7, again on the Hill. Room HVC122 inside the Capitol Visitor Center. ASL interpreters and CDI tactile interpreters as well as CART will be provided.

Marcia: Security checks?

Zainab: Yes, you will have to go through security. Please bring one government issued identification. Please arrive at 11:30am.

Marcia: Lunch?

Zainab: Due to the complicated logistics of providing lunch on the Hill, lunch will not be provided this time. Eat on your own beforehand or afterwards.

Lise: Will meeting take full two hours?

Zainab: We are allotted two hours but the staffers may leave early if needed.

Zainab: Special thanks to Claude for starting this.

Received request from CEASD. Capitol Hill Day February 27-28. Sonny (Treasurer) approved interpreter sponsorship.


Vice Chairs Report (Bernie Palmer)

  No formal report.

Comments: TDI holiday party, Glad it went well with Claudes award recognizing him for his 20 years of DHHCAN service.

A newborn grandson in my family, and can see how exciting it is for Zainab with her upcoming arrival.


Secretarys Report (Tayler Mayer)

   Minutes from prior meeting approved.


Treasurers Report (Sonny)

Balance is $21,722.67. beginning of statement: 22,243.90

Art: Bank statement isnt accessible to the Blind

Zainab: I had typed out the balance amount in the body of the e-mail itself for accessibility purposes, not sure why Art could not see it. Art will check again.

   Attachment of bank statement.


Sonny is concerned about spending more money that we are receiving.


DHHCAN spends roughly $7,000 a year. $3,000 is made through annual membership dues.

New Sources of Revenue to address this concern:

1)    Web advertising income

2)    Sponsorships


Committee Reports:


   Civil Rights Protection and Enforcement (Zainab Alkebsi):

HR620 weakens the ADA. (See previous minutes for more details). Full floor vote is happening next week. There is an opportunity for one last push before the vote.


Consumer Groups jointly filed a letter that Zainab wrote to the Commerce Department regarding the Census Bureaus 2019 American Community Survey and 2020 Census. The Census Bureau does not collect data on ASL. The Census Bureau is erroneously categorizing ASL as English. The letter explains that both languages are entirely different, and ASL is a language of its own. We urged the Department to collect this important data to address unmet service needs and to provide ASL versions of the questions.


   Education (Barbara Raimondo):

   Not present


   Employment (David Bahar):

   Not present.


   Housing (Sonny Sonnenstrahl):

   No report.

   Gallaudet, DSA and NAD jointly agreed to involve students for VRI awareness.

 Lise asks if there is work with hospitals on this front?

 Zainab: There is work with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations.

 Sonny: Chicago-based commission, takes 5 years to add new requirements.


   Telecommunications (Lise  Hamlin):

   FDA set up rules. passed OTC hearing aids. FDA will probably take a long time.




   Transportation (Zainab Alkebsi):

   Next meeting is being set up.


New Business

25th Anniversary Planning Committee Marcia Zisman recommends Wendy Wiatrowski, Savvy Assistants, event planning firm.

The volunteers reached out to Wendy Wiatrowski to request a quote and she sent us a proposal. Marcia summarized the discussion.

Discussion Topics:

   How many invites

   Potential dates

   May 14 is near Gallaudet graduation, Board of Trustees will be in town.

   June 11-13 M-enabling summit.

   Formats, coordinate vendors and schedule

   Clean up after event

   Fee: 20% of event fee

   Sonny asked if Wendy can help with sponsorship requests. Reply: Yes, Wendy can.


Sonny will develop a list of sponsors and take the lead on planning the event.

Ole Jim has a 128 persons building capacity.


Motion proposed for having the event on Friday September 28 – passed.

Motion proposed for Ole Jim (Peikoff Alumni House) as location – passed.


Zainab: DHHCAN letterhead will be used as invitation


Next months meeting on the Hill – AGENDA

Wednesday March 7, Arrive at 11:30 AM. HVC122 Capitol Visitor Center.

1.   8a employment incentives

2.   Alice Cogswell Act

3.   Access to healthcare, VRI in hospitals

4. HR620

5. Net Neutrality

6. Housing for deaf senior citizens



Claude: How can they help us communicate with the Trump Administration re: Cradle document?

Zainab: Exactly, thats the goal of this meeting.



Old Business



Neal Tucker: Last month, a HUD rule proposed under President Barack Obamas Administration, Small Area Fair Market Rents, SaFMRs, which are proposed guidelines for Section 8 vouchers, is based on one small zipcode, for example. Trump Administration is expanding this rule to include wealthier areas.


Next Meeting Date

         Wednesday March 7, 2018 on Capitol Hill.


The Chair adjourned the meeting at 1:58 PM.


Woefully Submitted by

Tayler Mayer, TDI


Attachment(s): Bank Statement 1/31/2018