September 7, 2016 Meeting Minutes



DHHCAN Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gallaudet Alumni House

(Thanks to GUAA for their generous support of the DHHCAN meeting space.)


Meeting called to order at 12:11 PM.


Roll Call


Voting Members quorum achieved

        Tom Dowling, DSA

        Bernie Palmer, ALDA

        Art Roehrig, AADB

        Mary Lynn Lally, GUAA

        Tayler Mayer, TDI


Organizational Partners

        Neal Tucker, RID

        Ron Sutcliffe, CSD



Samuel Jones, citizen



        Jayne Tubergen Magneson

        Jan Nishimura

        Pat Richey


Approval of Minutes

        The minutes for the November 4, 2015 meeting were approved as read. The motion was made by Mary Ann Lally, and seconded by Art Roehrig.


Officers’ Reports:


Chair’s Report (Claude)

1.)  Some of you have been wonderful with your work on the Trump-Clinton US Presidential campaigns document.  Thank you very much.  We hope to get this wrapped up by September 15.  When I send out the email to you around September 15, be sure to pass the document on to your respective organization’s Board of Directors, and to get their support for the document.  THANKS!


2.) If you will permit me, I like to bring up a proposal, which I feel will be fair to all involved with this coalition.  I suggest that one of you bring up a motion during new business in that going forward after October 1, 2016, we will send invitations/invoices to only those who have been active DHHCAN regular member organizations and organizational partners in the last twelve months for their membership/partnering dues for this new fiscal year starting July 1, 2016 with DHHCAN.  By defining as being “active,” we mean that any one organization has had attended a DHHCAN regular meeting at least three times during the last 12 months.  That way, we encourage any organization, either as a regular member or an organizational partner to participate in a good number of meetings each year.  If you bring up this motion, this becomes a proposed bylaws provision, thus it has to be left “on the table” for one more month.  This will give others not attending the September 7 meeting an opportunity to comment on this motion between September 7 and October 5, when we meet the next time. Then during the next regular meeting, we will formally act on this motion.


3.)  Good news!  With much thanks to Tayler, he has revived our DHHCAN website. He met with Zainab to go over the website, and she is willing to help maintain the website.  Thanks, Zainab!  I will help with other resources to put on the website, like our previous meeting minutes hopefully for the last few years.  For your sneak preview, here is the link to the website:


4.)  Another piece of good news!:  Malcom Glenn, Uber will be visiting with us in our October 5 regular meeting.  He will present a short time on Uber’s accessible services and resources for the deaf and hard of hearing, and also to comment on employment opportunities they have granted to a number of the deaf and hard of hearing.  

Vice Chair’s Report (Bernie)


1) I’m appreciative and respectful of the fact that there is a significant “learning curve” regarding all of the acronyms and language used with federal legislation and policy and in our voluminous email communications. 


2) Mentioned being the 2016 recipient of the Irving King Jordan, Jr Distinguished Service Award and that I would be attending the ALDA Conference next week.


Art Roehring: DHHCAN member AGBell has not been appearing at DHHCAN meetings.

Mary Ann Lally: I move to approve Claude’s plan of action to review membership and voting rights and put it in place by July 1, 2017. Seconded by Tom Dowling

Bernie Palmer: It is important that each organization of the coalition participates in meetings to know what issues may affect them. Tabled to next meeting on October 6. Requires more discussion.



Secretary’s Report (Zainab)

        not present. Minutes taken by Tayler Mayer

        Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report (Tom)

        Current Balance in BB&T Checking Account (8/22/16): $24,377.04

        This month Tom will send out membership renewals.

        Mr. Palmer asks that Tom Dowling consult with Claude because membership renewals may conflict with Claude’s Plan of Action on membership.

        Mr. Roehring inquiries if AGBell’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Group has authority within their organization. He stated that if not, they should no longer be a member.


Committee Reports


Technology/ Relay Services (Zainab and Claude)

a.)  Real-Time Text Technology (RTT):  We responded to FCC’s notice of proposed rule making supporting their plans to rewrite their rules to make RTT an alternative to TTY re: for future of emergency access, and universal use, etc.


b.)  VTCSecure’s petition:  We responded with conditional support for direct video communication support service centers to access FCC’s database for our own ten-digit VP numbers, when calls are cut off, and to establish reconnection, etc. We asked that we be extended CPNI protection, in other words, give us total privacy with our VP numbers, and not use them for other purposes.


c.)  TRS User Registration Database Implementation issues:  We met with FCC last June asking that their user registration database be streamlined in structure, such as keeping a list of separate VP numbers in one account under each TRS user that is in the database.  We also asked that the information be sent via video in ASL and captions so that they will understand more about their responsibility to provide personal data in order to use VRS and video communications.


d.)  Feedback to FCC for its upcoming Biennial Report on CVAA to Congress:  We gave FCC feedback to include in its report such as RTT, hearing aid compatible phones, high definition voice, gaming systems, the issue with data caps, video conferencing, etc.


e.)  Set-Top Box Issues:  We told FCC we support seeing cable providers be innovative in their offering of future set top boxes.  We also welcome using their services via web interfaces, providing all navigation choices do not cost us any more than those offered to hearing people, and that they include accessibility features, that are previously offered before, or expanded at no additional cost to us.


        No report.


Communication Accommodations

        No chair yet.


Hearing Health (Lise)

        No report, not present.


Education   (Barbara)

        Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act is now up to 37 sponsors/co-sponsors, 30 Democrats and seven Republicans. (Report submitted by e-mail via Mary Ann Lally)


Old Business



New Business






Next Meeting Date

        Wednesday, October 5 at Gallaudet Alumni House.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 1:12 pm.


Submitted by

Tayler Mayer